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Late Spring Maternity Photo Session in Novato { Family Photographer, Santa Rosa, CA }

My recent session with Becky and her beautiful family at Mount Burdell was truly a heartwarming experience. The mountain's natural beauty served as a picturesque backdrop, but the real magic came from the genuine connection shared among them.

Maternity Photographer, NOVATO CA

What do you value most in family photos?

In family photos, what I value most is capturing the genuine connection and love shared among family members. The setting and backdrop can be beautiful, but it's the emotions and relationships that truly make the photos special and memorable.

Maternity Photographer, PETALUMA CA

Maternity Photographer, SANTA ROSA CA

Maternity Photographer, MARIN CA

During this session, what struck me most was how Becky and her husband foster an environment where their children can truly be themselves. Their multilingual household is a testament to their rich, diverse backgrounds, but it's their daughter who captured everyone’s attention. Bursting with energy, she was the first to dash up the hill, her curiosity leading the way. She had a blast exploring the golden fields, playing with sticks, and clambering over rocks. Her vibrancy and zest for life were so infectious.

Maternity Photographer, NAPA CA

Maternity Photographer, WINDSOR CA

Family Photographer, SANTA ROSA CA

In addition to her adventurous spirit, there was a gentle side to her that was equally beautiful. She tenderly cared for her younger sibling, delighting her with bubbles and sweet, quiet moments. She will be a nurturing and loving older sister. Evidence of this family's bond was palpable, each interaction radiating warmth and love.

Maternity Photographer, SONOMA COUNTY CA

Family Photographer, SONOMA CA

Maternity Photographer, SONOMA CA

Adding an extra layer of sentiment to the session was Becky's husband, who serves in the military. Knowing that their time together is precious and often limited, seeing them embrace these moments so fully was incredibly special. This session was not just about capturing photos, but about celebrating the deep, loving connections within this remarkable family. The experience was a reminder to cherish the present and appreciate the ones we hold dear.

Maternity Photographer, MARIN COUNTY CA

Family Photographer, NAPA CA

Maternity Photographer, SAN RAFAEL CA

Maternity Photographer, SAN RAFAEL CA

Maternity Photographer, ROHNERT PARK CA

Thank you, Becky and family, for sharing your joy and love with us at Mount Burdell. May your bond continue to grow stronger each day.

Maternity Photographer, SEBASTOPOL CA

 Family Photographer, NOVATO CA

Children Photographer, WINDSOR CA

Family Photographer, SONOMA COUNTY CA

This heartwarming session with Becky and her family at Mount Burdell was a beautiful reminder of the power of family connections. Every hug, every laugh, every tender moment shared was a testament to the deep love that binds them.

As a family photographer in Sonoma County, capturing these genuine interactions is what makes my work so fulfilling and meaningful.

If you’re looking to capture the special moments in your family's journey, consider booking a family photo session with Diana Jex Photography. Together, we can create timeless memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. Contact me today to schedule your session and let’s celebrate the love within your family!

Diana Jex specializes in portrait photography including maternity photography, newborn photography, children and family photography. Diana Jex Photography primarily serves families located in Sonoma County, Marin County and Napa County : Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Novato, Marin, San Rafael, Windsor, Rohnert Park, Napa, Cotati, Sonoma and other surrounding areas.

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