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Woman and her 2 kids holding hands in a tall grass field
Diana Jex holding 2 cameras in petaluma, ca

Welcome! I am your go-to destination for capturing timeless moments in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin County! Based in the charming town of Petaluma, CA, I am passionate about creating beautiful family, newborn, and maternity portraits that tell your unique story.

My journey with photography began in a high school darkroom, and since then, I have been dedicated to capturing moments in time that you will cherish forever. Since 2016, I've had the privilege of photographing over a thousand families, each session bringing its own magic and memories.

With each session, I ensure that it feels comfortable, easy, and, most importantly, fun! I hope you approach your session as a special time and adventure, a moment to be cherished as a memory rather than just a photo shoot. Whether you're celebrating a growing family, a precious newborn, or the beauty of pregnancy, my goal is to make the experience enjoyable and authentic.

Living in the breathtaking region of Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, we are surrounded by stunning landscapes, from the tranquil beaches to the majestic redwoods and the abundance of regional parks adorned with trees and flowers. Together, we will choose the perfect location that suits your vision and needs. I have a lot of favorite spots, and I am dedicated to working with you directly to find the ideal backdrop for your session.

Every family is unique, and I strive to create an authentic experience that reflects the true nature of your loved ones. Whether your family is loud and outgoing or more quiet and cuddly, I am there with you at every step, capturing the moments that define you. My goal is to provide you with photographs that encapsulate the essence of your family, creating memories you will treasure forever.

If you're ready to embark on a photography journey that goes beyond traditional sessions and captures the true spirit of your family, email me and let's do it! Let's turn your moments into everlasting memories!

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