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So Much Love During This Sunset Maternity Session! Petaluma, CA

I loved meeting this amazing family and photographing them as they savor those moments before life as three becomes life as four!

Family of three hugging each other at the top of a mountain in Sonoma County, grass is brown, mom in long blush pink maternity dress, dad in green shirt, little girl in white dress with lace, hugging mom's pregnant belly

This family is just amazing and their love for each other comes through so naturally. This family is just weeks away from welcoming their new addition into the family, a baby boy! Mom and Dad made a special visit out here from their Coast Guard base for their maternity session in Sonoma County. We photographed at a really beautiful location in Petaluma with rolling hills in the background and sweeping sunset views!

The night was magical, and we had subtle gusts of wind that would occasionally come through. I love wind during sessions! See how dynamic the photos are with the wind going through mom's hair and her dress?! It adds a touch of intimacy and drama to the photos, rather than stagnant shots where nothing is moving.

Their little girl was a little shy at the beginning, feeling most comfortable with her mom wrapping her arms around her and keeping her warm. I love her sweet personality, and as the session went on, she started to forget about me so much, and just enjoy this time with her family. Some of my favorite images from this session are her hugging mom's expecting bump, closing her eyes and smiling. She's going to be an amazing big sister! ❤️

Little girl hugging her pregnant mom, embracing each other at the top of a hill in Sonoma County, fall maternity photo session, santa rosa maternity photographer, Diana Jex, maternity photography

pregnant mom holding up her daughter, both are looking off into the sunset, embracing each other, mom in long maxi dress blowing in the wind, Diana Jex, Sonoma County maternity photographer, family photography

wind blowing in pregnant mom's hair and long pink maxi dress, hair flying in the wind, looking up at the sky, Sonoma County, petaluma maternity photography, petaluma photographer, maternity, Diana Jex

mom and dad holding pregnant baby belly, kissing each other on the top of a mountain in Sonoma County, petaluma, floral design on mom's maternity dress, wind blowing, Diana Jex, maternity, maternity photographer for Sonoma and Marin county

beautiful mom and daughter embracing each other and looking off into the sunset, wind blowing, mom is pregnant, daughter cuddling with mom and her baby bump, marin maternity photographer, Napa maternity photographer, Diana Jex

pregnant mom hugging her baby bump, looking over her shoulder, mom in beautiful long pink dress with floral pattern on sleeve, mountains in the background, wind blowing, Sonoma County photographer, Diana Jex

daughter being held by her dad, smiling and looking at him, arms around his neck, dad sitting down holding his daughter, girl in lace white dress, dad in green shirt smiling, Sonoma County family photographer, Diana Jex

Expecting mother holding her pregnant belly, wind blowing in her hair and dress, looking off into the sunset, she is on top of a mountain with beautiful rolling hills in the background, fall maternity photo session, Diana Jex Photography maternity photographer for sonoma county

daughter smiling and hugging her mom's pregnant belly, mom holding on to her daughter, dad in background holding onto his daughter, girl smiling, white dress, pink dress, Maternity and Family photographer for sonoma and marin county, Diana Jex Photography

beautiful photo of daughter being held up by her expecting mom, little girl hugging her mom, looking over her shoulder, mom looking strong and beautiful, sunset in background, rolling hills, Sonoma County, petaluma maternity photographer Diana jex

family of three hugging each other, mom and dad holding up their daughter and each giving their little girl a kiss on her cheek, mountains in background, sunset, Sonoma County, marin county family photographer, santa rosa family photographer and maternity photographer Diana Jex

Diana Jex is a Sonoma County based newborn, maternity and family photographer.

Serving Petaluma, Sonoma, Marin, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Napa and the North Bay.

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