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In-Home Family Session Shootout in Joshua Tree, AZ | Hosted by Unraveled Academy

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Earlier this year, I traveled to Joshua Tree, Arizona to a shootout hosted by Unraveled Academy. Attending shootouts, workshops and mentorship trainings is an important part of growth as a photographer. I always leave with more knowledge about my craft and inspiration to create more art that moves you. I love bringing that energy home to my photography clients!

This shootout was created to capture an in-home family session. Capturing family sessions in your home is even more special than you can imagine. When you look back on the different seasons of your family's life, your home will be the shining backdrop in so many of your memories. There's nothing like having professional images taken within the four walls of your home. Documenting the magic as it's happening in real time is a beautiful experience.

This particular in-home session for Avery and her family was so much fun to capture! The session was very laid back, relaxed and it flowed easily and naturally. The boho, desert feel of the session was a whole vibe! The family felt cool - in a way that makes you want to be their friend in real life. Mom and dad's tattoos are phenomenal and the way they care for their children is truly inspiring.

The shootout felt a lot more like a glimpse into their family life rather than a session. They were playful with one another, so loving and caring towards their kids and simply embraced their family's natural state of being. Whenever nostalgia hits for this time in their family's history, they'll be able to peer into what life looked like for them during this season. Family sessions that are captured more authentically will feel more meaningful years down to road.

I'm so grateful to have been a part of this shootout! Thank you, Mari, for being such an incredible host. Traveling to Joshue Tree to capture this in-home family session was a beautiful learning experience. I left feeling so inspired to get back and create. I can't wait to implement all I've learned into sessions with my clients!

Want to book an in-home family session with me? Contact me here to preserve your family's memories in the place you love the most.

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