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Honeymoon in Napa, CA!

Just sent off this insanely beautiful gallery! Thank you so much to this amazing couple for asking me to be their photographer during their recent honeymoon in Napa! ๐Ÿ’› Their energy, love and joy radiated off of them in such a gorgeous way. Seeing them be playful with each other and not taking things too seriously was so refreshing. Thanks so much Kris and Doug! Congratulations!!โ 

newly wed couple embracing each other, husband kissing wife's forehead as they cuddle in the middle of a vineyard in Napa

couple kissing and arms wrapped around each other in vineyard in Napa county, California

black and white photo of couple on their honeymoon in Napa

beautiful couple in Napa vineyard, husband and wife embracing each other

detail photo of wedding ring, honeymoon couple vineyard session in Napa county California

man gently sweeping hair off of face of his wife, honeymoon session in wine country

photo of newlyweds holding hands walking down a vineyard together in Napa county California

couple holding hands walking together down a vineyard in wine country

husband kissing his wife's forehead, vineyard photo session in wine country, Sonoma and Napa county

newlyweds lying down together, outdoor photo session in Napa county, honeymoon photos

couple kissing each other in field, honeymoon photo session

honeymoon photo session in Napa county, vineyard in background, couple lying together in a beautiful embrace

couples photography Sonoma County, wife holding her husband in close while he kisses her

couple embrace, honeymoon photo session in Napa county, California, vacation photography for couples

beautiful young couple kissing each other, mountains in background, lifestyle photo session in Napa, couples session

lifestyle black and white photo of couple, couples session in Napa and Sonoma County

natural photo session, Napa county, couple embracing each other and looking into each others eyes, rolling hills in the background

wife on husbands back, bringing him in close for a kiss, lifestyle couples session in Napa county

husband picking up his wife, vineyard in background, Napa, honeymoon photo session, Sonoma County

beautiful photo of newlyweds celebrating their honeymoon in Napa

close up photo of husband and wife about to kiss

husband hugging his wife, rolling hills in background, lifestyle sunset photo session in Napa, couples session

couple hugging each other during a recent photo session in Napa, wife smiling as husband hugs her from behind

wife holding husband's hand, running down the path and laughing, Napa county couples session, fall couples session in Sonoma County

wife turning back to look at husband, open space preserve in Napa

newlyweds holding hands together in a field, Napa county

wife laughing while holding husband's hands, lifestyle couples session

dress moving with the wind, open space in Napa, couple photo session

close up photo of husband and wife holding hands

Diana Jex is a Sonoma County based newborn, maternity and family photographer. Serving Petaluma, Sonoma, Marin, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Napa, and the North Bay.

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