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Beautiful Family Photo Session, Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, California!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

beautiful family of three sitting down by lake with sunset behind them, golden hour photography in Sonoma County, wine country, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Napa, Family of three sitting laying down on blanket, photographed during golden hour, toddler son looking up at camera

It feels like only yesterday I was photographing this couple's maternity session! Fast forward one year, and now look at this amazing family of three. Their sweet little boy is smiling, laughing, walking, and discovering everything around him! His giggles and fascination with my camera lead to some really beautiful images during our family photo session in Sonoma County.

I scouted out this location specifically for this family! My goal this year is to find new places to take families that are unique and different, someplace where there aren't 20 other photographers photographing there as well! 😂 I researched this location on All Trails, which is an amazing resource to find new spots! I highly recommend it, as you can find some incredible hidden gems out there! I did this because I wanted their session to feel intimate and unique just for them. I found a gorgeous location in Sonoma that offers beautiful rolling hills and a lake. On All Trails , I made sure to look for a location that included water, so I was beyond thrilled when I found out that this spot had a lake! Golden hour photography there is just magical and adds such a stunning tone to the entire gallery.

This family has such an amazing connection to each other, and it was such a joy to capture all the loving and tender moments. One of my top images from the session is the first image where they are all sitting down together by the lake, just embracing each other, mom looking at her son lovingly. Those are the best moments, when they come naturally without effort. I would gently guide them into the best light, and ask them to cuddle together, or just "love on each other", and what you see is what came through with their natural family connection.

It was so much fun to work closely with this family BEFORE the session to create a wardrobe that was cohesive and complimentary. Mom's beautiful blush dress was from Joyfolie. I recommend this site to a lot of my clients as they have amazing clothes moms and daughters! Here second, gold dress is from my CLIENT CLOSET and is from Forever 21. We styled her first and then created everyone else's look around hers. Her son's outfit is from Zara, I love this website for the most adorable kids clothes!

I LOVE working closely with my families, helping them decide what to wear and what best fits their family's personality! Here are some articles from a local family photographer (ME!! 😂) on WHAT TO WEAR, WHAT NOT TO WEAR, and WHERE TO SHOP!

If you and your family are interested in capturing some beautiful natural connections, email me at Family photos stand the test of time, and you will be so happy you invested in family portraits, so you can look back on these images a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, and 20 years from now. 💛

best family photo Sonoma County, wine country, golden hour, baby boy looking at camera and smiling, family of three sitting down with water and lake behind them, mom looking at her son smiling

family of three walking together, dad holding baby boy, husband and wife, golden hour, lake in background with trees and rolling hills, toddler son looking at camera

beautiful golden hour image in Sonoma County, wine country, mom and dad looking at sunset kissing each other,  mom holding out her gold dress, rolling hills in the background

golden hour photograph in wine country, water in background, mom with flowy maxi dress, holding son, dad looking at son, rolling hills

Gorgeous detail shot of mom holding her son's hands, backlight, golden hour, water and lake in background, rolling hills

Best photo from family photo session in Sonoma County, water in background, baby boy and dad's shoulders, mom looking lovingly at her toddler son, family of three, golden hour, Glen Ellen, wine country

Family photo session, Sonoma County, golden hour photograph with mom holding up her baby boy, dad looking at baby and embracing mom

Beautiful mom holding up her toddler sun, sun shining in the background, golden hour, Sonoma family photographer

Golden hour photography, one of the top photos from the session, family sitting down, cuddling close, mom and dad kissing each other while baby boy looks at camera

Family sitting down, outside on a nature path, baby boy looking up at camera holding a leaf, smiling

Family of three walking on nature path, holding hands, mom holding her adorable baby boy, looking at each other and smiling

Mom kissing and holding close her baby boy, golden hour photography in Sonoma County

Beautiful Family of three with mom holding up her baby boy, trees surrounding family as they embrace together

Family of three sitting laying down on blanket, photographed during golden hour, toddler son looking up at camera

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