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Light, Laughter and Love! Beautiful Golden Hour Family Photo Session in Novato, California

Wow, I mean just look at this family!

family of four holding hands and walking together towards sunset, daughter in white cardigan and dress looking back at mom, dad holding baby toddler boy, golden hour, sunset, Novato, Marin, Northern California, family photographer Diana Jex
Diana Jex, family photographer for Sonoma County

I loved, loved, LOVED seeing this family again! I remember our session from last year, and it always amazes me how much kids grow in just one year. Their little girl was just the sweetest, wanting to show me all the cool things she was collecting during our photo session! She showed me her latest dance moves, all the sweet features of her baby brother, and her smile was just such a light during our session.

This family is super comfortable with the outdoors, and I was so excited that they were interested in having their portraits taken in a new location. They both work for the Sonoma County parks, so it was really special to photograph them in an environment that really reflects their family's personality. I absolutely love this location, and will add it to my short list of places to take future families that want something different!

It was breezy the evening of our session, and these lovely people were such troopers! Personally, I LOVE wind during a session (give me all the wind!), because it adds natural, beautiful movement during the session. See how stunning mom's dress looks with the some movement, and how it catches the light. See how carefree and natural hair looks when it has movement. It just adds so much life to your images!

What I love most about this location is it's near water. Something about water just seems so grounding, and it just photographs beautifully. It was a little too chilly to get in the water, but maybe next time? 😉

This family's joy just poured out of them. The love was real, nothing was forced, and the kids loved all the cuddles and snuggles from mom and dad. By the end of the session, the kids didn't want to leave! They wanted to stay and play. 😍 It was an amazing session and everyone had a great time! 💛

close up photograph of family, mom holding baby toddler boy, boy in green sweater, mom looking lovingly at dad, daughter on dad's shoulders, water, sunset, Novato, sunset family photographer, Northern California family photographer, Diana Jex

mom and dad embracing each other in background, siblings daughter and son playing, holding hands, lake, water, sunset, Sonoma County family photographer, Diana Jex , family of four, mom in long maxi white dress

dad holding up his little girl, smiling at her, girl in patterned dress and ivory cardigan, mom holding baby boy, family photographer, Sonoma County, Marin county Napa county Diana jex

little girl dancing, textured landscape and ground, girl in white pattern dress and sweater, sunset, sibling, family photography Sonoma County, Petaluma Novato Diana Jex

mom in long white maxi dress holding baby girl, wind and breeze in hair and dress, textured ground, sunset, motherhood family photographer Napa Novato Northern California Sonoma Diana Jex

Little girl laughing and smiling while dad is holding her up, California family photographer, Diana Jex Marin county, sonoma, lake water, sunset, light, golden hour photography

mom holding toddler son while he is learning to walk, baby boy in green sweater and brown pants, water in background, dirt landscape, sunset Sonoma County family photographer, Petaluma family photographer Diana jex

Sister holding on to baby brother's hand as he is learning to walk, dad looking at siblings in background, sunset with rolling hills in background, golden hour photographer, Northern California family photographer, Sonoma County family photographer, Diana Jex, Novato petaluma

Couple embracing each other enjoying the sunset, mom and dad, holding each other, golden hour, couples photographer, Sonoma County, marin county, Diana Jex, family photographer

beautiful couple looking off into the sunset while holding each other and hugging, mom in white long maxi dress with long cardigan, dad in green sweater, golden hour, couples photographer, Sonoma county family photographer , petaluma family photographer, Diana Jex Photography

Diana Jex is a Sonoma County based newborn, maternity and family photographer.

Serving Petaluma, Sonoma, Marin, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Napa and the North Bay.

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